Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Reiki, Breath Practitioner & Enlightenment Coach

I’m Tara, Vancouver born and raised, I relocated to the Okanagan with my two beautiful children. I love the Okanagan and the people in it.

I have been practicing hypnosis for almost 3 years.

I am an intuitive Hypnotherapist who uses energy and channeling to help move people into healing to let go of whatever is no longer serving them.

 I also use reiki and breath work integrated into my modality. I am intuitively guided throughout the sessions and love working with open minded people ready to heal.


Hypnosis looks different for every person but the outcome is very similar you will experience more motivation, positive thoughts, positive energy, and less heaviness.


Hypnotherapy has been my passion for a number of years and has drastically changed my life. I have learned how to deal with my own unease, stress and childhood trauma along with healing and overcoming other barriers. Without hypnotherapy I wouldn’t be who I am today and the best person and mother I can be.

I am trying to share tools and knowledge with as many people as I can.


Since I have been through many of the same things my clients are going through it gives them real life experience and knowledge. People can relate more with someone who has or is going through the same thing as they are experiencing.


I never judge anyone and there is not much that can surprise me.

Helping people and showing them what they are capable is my passion.

I love spreading the word of healing and building communities of like-minded souls. 


More people need to understand the importance of healing and removing old stories and beliefs to create a more successful happy life.

My areas of expertise allow me to work on many different areas with people. There isn’t much hypnotherapy can’t do!


My specialty and expert topics are trauma, addictions, anxiety, and childhood trauma. Other things I deal with regularly are weight loss, stop smoking and of course past lives regression. As long as you are open, minded and ready to receive the information, Hypnotherapy can be a beautiful tool.

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Hypnotherapy & What I Do Explained

Hypnotherapy is like a massage for your body and your brain you’ll feel relaxed and calm and when you come out of a session, you’ll feel lighter and at ease even after doing work. Hypnotherapy is a process of being guided into a trance like state by going into the subconscious mind and there we will quiet the monkey chatter known as the conscious mind and become totally relaxed and very open to suggestions of your highest good. Also, this is where 95% of our information is stored so we can access and find those exact moments where the root cause of most things is, and I guide you through your own healing moving through whatever your intended outcome is.


There are 3 main types of therapy we use while in hypnosis. Age Regression is the most common type of therapy used during hypnosis and one I use every session. It is used for many different things. With this therapy is you will be asked at the beginning when is the last time you experienced XYZ. I will write down this experience and when you reach a deep state of hypnosis, I bring you to the exact moment you provided which will allow us to bring up all the emotions and feelings of this memory as if it is happening. I will ask you to follow back those feelings/emotions back to the very first time you ever experienced them. Often this will stem back into childhood or an earlier time in adolescence. We can determine reasons why you brought us there and how you were feeling. We will visit each relevant memory collecting information and going to the very first time, to the earliest age. Here we will find out what you need by asking your current self at that age and we will move through the healing options by allowing you to let go, give forgiveness, or say or do anything you need to feel better in this moment. Once you are feeling content and happy, we will anchor these feelings allow and move forward revisiting each moment and making sure you feel happy and calm. Once we return to the present moment you will feel resolved and calm, no longer having any pre-existing feelings or emotions. Subconscious Parts, this second type of therapy is often used along side of age regression or if I can’t find a feeling to follow then I use parts therapy. Subconscious parts therapy is very powerful and amazing way to let go of subconscious parts that are no longer in alignment with you or to change the parts that are loving to take on new roles that will be supporting and encouraging. We all have Subconscious parts; we pick them up throughout our lives. Sometimes parts out live their purpose and no longer serve us, or sometimes parts just need reminders of their jobs or to change their jobs and allow the jobs to be encouraging and supporting. For example, when you learn to ride a bike, you take on a part that is there to keep you safe and calm as well as a part to keep you a little fearful and prevent you from getting too crazy and hurting yourself. Later on in life when you know how to ride a bike there’s a part still coming up scoring you or reminding you to be fearful.  Lastly, Past Lives  Regression is a method which can also be  used to access a you in a past life. Sometimes we encounter something we aren’t able to deal with or identify a root cause from our current life. This is when we leverage hypnosis to dive into past lives and experiences that you may still be carrying with you today. Past lives regression can be a journey you take for the soul purpose of exploring yourself but it can also be utilized as an effective therapy



What to expect during the session? You will feel very relaxed, your body will feel very heavy but in the most beautiful way, you will feel free and weightless, and you will notice you feel peace and you will only hear my voice where I guide you and you will realize you have no thoughts, no chatter just quiet. The client does all the work I just guide you into the session and throughout the session. You are in full control of everything that happens during your session in fact if you wanted to get up and leave during a session you could; all though this has never happened. You must give permission to me and yourself to enter hypnosis you will never enter this state without given permission.

Located in Kelowna BC our amazing clinic provides a safe and relaxing place for your journey in becoming a better you.