What does this feel or look like?

We all have many types of addictions whether it be screens, food, sex, drugs, relationships or alcohol. We all have become accustomed to over using something to fill a void or to cover a feeling we dislike. Society has set us up to fail. 


It’s never too late to take back your control over your life and regain that power that you gave away to something or someone. Addiction varies in many ways an forms but it is easy to heal. Hypnotherapy can allow you to start to understand what is keeping you hooked and showing you what you need to do and heal to move forward and let go of this habit that’s holding you back.


Don’t ever underestimate your ability to change and heal. Hypnosis will guide you back to the time when you didn’t have this problem and it will also allow you to become awake to what you need to change. 


It always starts with Awareness and knowledge. You also had the power the whole time but you just lost it or forgot you had it. You can easily get it back I promise. If you are willing to do the work and heal the hard moments you can be FREE of whatever addiction is holding you back from living your best life.


Hypnotherapy will also allow you to leave feelings relaxed and calm without needing something.

Is Hypnotherapy For Addictions Right For You?

Hypnotherapy will help you overcome addiction to a wide range of things. If you want to take back control of your life and begin to feel naturally relaxed and calm once again than Hypnotherapy can help.

What To Expect

Hypnotic Power provides a safe, relaxing and judgment free environment. When you first come in for a session we will start by having a half hour consult to discuss your symptoms and issues you’re wanting help with. After our consultation you will lay down on the massage bed and get into a comfy relaxing state as i begin the sesison.

It’s important to be in a clear and calm mindset to go in a deep trance where we can reach directly to the subconscious mind.

Your eyes will be closed and you may feel some heaviness. It may even feel like you can move but if you needed to you would be able to.

Letting go is the best way to enjoy a hypnosis session.

The goal of hypnosis is to reach your subconscious through relaxing and shutting off your conscious mind.

As an Intuitive Hypnotherapist Tara will guide you through the session step by step. It is important to remember you can not be hypnotized if you do not wish to be and or if you have not given permission. You will never do or say anything you don’t want to. As the session reaches a conclusion I will guide you back to a normal state where you will typically be left feeling at peace and rejuvenated. 

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