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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression


There is such a stigma around these topics of anxiety and depression. Most people deem them as scary and they don’t want others to know what they are experiencing. Many people would rather suffer in silence than admit that they are struggling with these symptoms. If we all speak up and make it more normal to talk about or treat, maybe we all could get the help we need. I am here to tell you that 60% of people are experiencing some form of anxiety or depression daily. These stats have increased over the last decade.


Indeed, NHS leaders are now urging ministers to tackle what they are calling a ‘second pandemic’ of depression, anxiety, psychosis, and eating disorders, brought about by recent events. Indeed, one study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that diagnoses of anxiety had tripled in young adults since 2008. Mar 23, 2022


The issue today with experiencing anxiety and depression is that most people are unaware that they have it. They might assume they just feel a particular way all the time. Some people may also drown it out with substances and lessen the severity. Thus, not realizing what it is. Others think it’s more depression than anxiety or vis versa.


I was one of these people, I had an anxiety of 10 daily. I had no idea what I was suffering from, and it became so bad because I masked it with substances assuming it would help until one day it was so bad, I couldn’t cope. I begged my doctor for help, but they told me I was fine. I was not fine; I began to self-medicate with alcohol; which in turn caused more anxiety and depression with more symptoms. I was riddled with anxiety and severe alcohol addiction. I thought I was normal. I thought this was just who I was and how I was going to live my life. I was miserable and unhealthy and struggling to care for my kids and myself. When my life was completely out of control, I sought out help.


What I found was Hypnotherapy, what a gift and an amazing tool. Through hypnotherapy, I was able to put down the bottle for a full 30 days, and for the first time in years I was sober. I was then able to go back and heal some childhood trauma and wounds and look at who I was and how I got there.


After only a handful of sessions, I quit drinking completely and limited my anxiety, something I never believed possible. Hypnotherapy has drastically changed my life, by healing old wounds and traumas and giving me peace of mind. I thought it was normal to live my life with these awful feelings as do most people. I am here to tell you to wake up, anxiety is not a normal feeling.


Somewhere we decided anxiety is a part of the feelings category like happy, sad, and mad. This is very untrue; anxiety is your brain and body screaming for help and wanting to heal. This is not a constant state anyone should be living in.


It is not normal or okay to have anxiety daily, we have normalized it and society makes it seem common. The only common thing is the fact we are all hurting and broken in some way or another and we all need help. We have all experienced hurt and trauma, and we all need help in one form or another, but it isn’t ok to live your life in constant fear or with anxiety or depression. If we stop making these topics so scary, we could reach out and get the help we all desperately need.


What does it feel like to have anxiety and or depression? Anxiety can feel as cluttered thoughts, racing heartbeats, scattered thoughts, heavy breathing and or nausea, maybe dizziness, and no appetite. Depression can feel like you have no energy, no motivation, feelings of sadness, darkened thought, suicidal thoughts no appetite, sleeping a lot feeling introverted, and lonely. You might also experience a lack of motivation and drive or the feeling of overwhelm and irritated.


Many people will have some or many of these symptoms and it could be slight to serve. Both can cause you to be introverted or not want to be around others, especially in social groups. These feelings leave you feeling like you’re not enough or not wanted or maybe like you’re not welcomed or liked. You might feel alone or not understood and you probably feel like it is just the way you are. You might make think it’s normal to feel like this and that it’s just the way your life is.


Most people are unaware that they have these symptoms, especially anxiety. People assume they would know what it feels like, or they think they would know if they had it. Not true. Anxiety presents itself as many different forms of symptoms and feelings as stated above. Sometimes it can be completely different. It might show up as feelings of fear such as heights or driving and you may have never had this before in your life, but it becomes active and triggered.


It may feel like your feeling stuck in life and not being able to move forward. You find you’re always questioning everything or worrying about things. You feel your first thoughts are always the worst ones or the most negative. You may wake up anxious or can’t concentrate throughout the day because of these thoughts or feelings. You believe everything bad always happens to you.


Many clients come to me through hypnotherapy with XYZ and they want to fix the issues and more than likely it’s stemming from anxiety. This then causes new feelings or emotions to come up. Anxiety generally comes from unhealed trauma usually stemming from age 0-7 or early adolescents. It can be an experience, memory, or story causing Anxiety or depression to come up.


When we experience anxiety or depression it’s our body screaming for help. Help to heal the unresolved issues lingering inside. Help to move forward and stop being stuck. We all can be triggered by people, places, or things. You may never have had this before but now it’s taken over your life. Retriggered past traumas or emotions can come up, these things that you have never thought of on a conscious level just come floating back without any warnings. If anxiety and depression are stopping, you from living your life or crippling you daily it’s time to get some help!


Most people with anxiety or depression use alcohol or other drugs to cope. The problem is masking it won’t heal it. The fact is the substances may lessen it and cover it, but you are not healing the root cause, the root cause of the issue in the first place which is anxiety, your body screaming for help and healing.


This is where hypnotherapy is perfect for you!


When you come in for a session, you will go into a relaxed state where you can find the root cause whether in childhood or at a current time and you can heal and let it go to no longer experience anxiety or depression. People believe medication is the only root, I believe medication is very important especially to reset the chemicals in your brain when need be. But in no way is it normal to use medication for extended amounts of time. Nor is it okay to live on medication lifelong, this is just another crutch you are not fixing the main problem. Medication is intended as a short-term solution, not a long-term fix.


Society has normalized being medicated or living with anxiety and depression as if it’s okay and everyone should just be medicated. This is the wrong information, and we need to understand why it is coming up and then go to the core or root issue to do the healing so we can move on. There is a way to live without anxiety and depression, but you must be ready, and you just want to heal and you must do the work. Hypnotherapy and other modalities work but you must want to do the work too.

It won’t be easy, and it may suck but the outcome is no more anxiety or depression. There is no more covering these feelings with drugs or alcohol or medications.

The outcome is a beautiful, healed life. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool and gift.


We are all taught to ignore these feelings and symptoms. We are taught it’s normal and the way to cope is by using stimulants because that’s what everyone else is doing. Don’t be like everyone else. We all hide how we are feeling for worry someone might judge us, stop letting others choose how you want to feel. We all must let go of the shame and guilt and ask for help. We can heal and stop feeling these awful emotions and feelings. First, you must recognize it, and then you must embrace it and ask for help. Many professionals have tools and knowledge. Knowing it is possible and you no longer need to think you are alone or that life must be that way.


Hypnotherapy helps you follow the feelings of anxiety and depression and find the root cause of the problem so you can heal it and remove these symptoms. Live your life with purpose and happiness and joy, not on medication! Living with feelings of hopelessness and anxiety and depression is not the answer or an option. I am here to help people wake up and find the right answers, not cover them. Start healing today by starting with Hypnotherapy.


Start by asking for help!