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Most people have had some form of trauma, mentally or physically. We carry these traumas, baggage along our life from childhood to relationship to relationship and then we grow up; Never stopping to realize all the things we have stored or have picked up along the way. We become these people who think we know how we should act or feel thinking we know the best way to live or be, taking our perspectives from all our memories or experiences and shed them on to others. We all believe we know better, but the truth is very different.


Being truly vulnerable means you are open, understanding and non judgemental. You don’t let your ego constantly make decisions for you and others. You are truthful about how you have felt in the past or currently showing all the colours even the ugly ones. When did being strong and independent mean you don’t need to ask for help and you don’t get sad or lonely? Being truly vulnerable is not questioning everything but being free and going with the flow not needing to control everything and expecting an outcome, sharing with others your struggle and being humble about it.


When did it become cool to hide our feelings and emotions? Everyone has a story, and your story may help someone. We must use our stories and experiences to be string and heal and help others. We need to stop believing we must carry all this hurt to prove that we are strong. Strong means you are open and free to share. Strong is knowing you are enough, and you are loved and always protected even in the darkest of moments. Being strong and vulnerable is asking for help and sharing your tears with others without shame or guilt. We need to stop hiding our pain to be strong. Sharing our stories and pain is what helps us heal and grow, without feelings and pain, we would not be human.


How can you grow and evolve without suffer and challenge? Many of us especially men have been taught crying means your weak, sharing feelings means your weak, crying is a release EMBRACE it! The tears are clearing and cleansing you of your pain, guilt and shame let it go. When you learn to let go and release you feel lighter, clearer. Things become so much easier when you put down all that weight and baggage. You are meant to live by feeling and learning STOP hiding behind the bars of society. Showing our children its ok to be vulnerable and showing emotions and feelings are necessary and ok. We need to do better for the next generation 


Let’s wake up and be.