What does this feel or look like?

Anxiety can be felt differently by many people but mostly it starts with the feeling of heart racing, racing thoughts, feeling uncertain, negative, and out of control. Anxiety can ramp up and become a panic attack to the degree some may need to be hospitalized or use medication.


What most people don’t understand is Anxiety is the feeling of not enough, questioning if you are deserving of abundance or love. Anxiety surfaces when we are in transition of something in life or maybe wanting to move into new things but we have fear. Anxiety can show up in many forms but at the end of the day it all looks the same and usually, it’s caused by the same things, Fear, Stress, unhappiness, and uncertainty.


Anxiety can make you want to numb with substances feeling like you need outside sources to fix how you feel. You may feel like you living on the edge and not being sure of anything. Feeling like it is just the way you are and that you’re just not normal. Depending on how you choose to change those thoughts and feelings can make or break your life. 


You might notice times of the day are harder than others or maybe you notice triggers from places or people. Resurfacing of old feelings or emotions. Unhappiness and feelings of negativity, are all feelings of unease and anxiety and most people aren’t even aware they are experiencing it. We are not told or shown what to expect so it’s often hard to pinpoint what all these feelings and emotions are and why it’s causing us to not be able to manage our day-to-day lives. Most people have no idea they are experiencing anxiety and believe it to be something else. 


Doctors prescribe medication which yes is beneficial for a temporary rebalance in chemicals in the brain to get you back on track, but medication should never be a lifelong journey or a permanent solution. It’s supposed to be temporary, but society has taught us that it’s normal to live on these medications. If you don’t want to live on medication then it’s time to do the actual work by recognizing the symptoms and when they began and then coming in for a session to change it.


The severity of your anxiety and how deep it runs will decide how many sessions are needed for complete relief. Even one session will leave you feeling lighter and more on top of the world. You will feel happy and more aligned. I no longer want to numb to take away the negativity and pain. Life is hard enough without feeling out of control. Take control back of your life and how you choose to feel by booking a session to let go of anxiety today!

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Is Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Right For You?

Hypnotherapy will bring you back to the most recent time you have experienced the symptoms and we will go back that recent moment and bring it up as if it’s happening. Yes, it might hurt and be hard in that moment, but the outcome will supersede the temporary discomfort. After finding the exact time of healing we will rewrite or receive the necessary healing needed and when we leave the root cause of prior symptoms you will feel calm and light and ready to let go of these old, outdated feelings and stories. Once we return to the present moment you will have let go of any connection to negativity or unease. You will feel light and relieved.

What To Expect

Hypnotic Power provides a safe, relaxing and judgment free environment. When you first come in for a session we will start by having a half hour consult to discuss your symptoms and issues you’re wanting help with. After our consultation you will lay down on the massage bed and get into a comfy relaxing state as i begin the sesison.

It’s important to be in a clear and calm mindset to go in a deep trance where we can reach directly to the subconscious mind.

Your eyes will be closed and you may feel some heaviness. It may even feel like you can move but if you needed to you would be able to.

Letting go is the best way to enjoy a hypnosis session.

The goal of hypnosis is to reach your subconscious through relaxing and shutting off your conscious mind.

As an Intuitive Hypnotherapist Tara will guide you through the session step by step. It is important to remember you can not be hypnotized if you do not wish to be and or if you have not given permission. You will never do or say anything you don’t want to. As the session reaches a conclusion I will guide you back to a normal state where you will typically be left feeling at peace and rejuvenated. 

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