Cord Cutting

Sever energetic ties and start fresh

Cord cutting Cord cutting Is an amazing tool to remove and get rid of old energetic cords that we all pick up from every relationship and person that we encounter through out life. People don’t realize all the cords they have attached until they do cord cutting.

  • Do you feel bogged down or low energy?
  • Do you feel attached to an old trauma and or person?
Cord Cutting
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Is Hypnotherapy Cord Cutting Right For You?

Cord Cutting is an awesome tool for using when ending relationships or disconnecting from old past relationships and people. Parting ways with past loved ones and even animals; or just removing energetic cords that are no longer serving you

What To Expect

Hypnotic Power provides a safe, relaxing and judgment free environment. Once you’re in hypnosis, you will envision and see the energetics cords where you can use pretend scissors to cut the cords and be free of them and then you take back your power and energy. This is a beautiful technique and it changes your energy and life.

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