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Intuition, what does this mean?


We have all heard the sayings like “GO with your gut” “GO with your gut instinct”; these are all the way people essentially describe INTUITION. We all have intuition; we are born with it and somewhere along the line we stop listening or dismiss the greatest gift we are given. Far to often we dismiss the idea that we ourselves have the answers to what we seek…. We say how could I know something before it happens? How could I have the answers within that I seek?


Well, my friend it is true!! You don’t need to be a physic to use this gift, it’s there for the taking.

In fact, we can know with our whole being through our senses and with our physical body whether something is good or bad, right or wrong. When intuition kicks in you begin to sense it. It might be examples such as when we are about to get hurt or have something bad happen, you will have weird feelings prior to the experience such as you may feel sick to your stomach or maybe you’ll just sense it’s not a good idea to go and you have anxiety. These are signs to pay attention to. You might also get these sensations when your about to make a big decision or make changes in your life, again asking yourself the question and listening to the gut response or the first answer you receive is usually the right answer. When you start to second guess it’s usually the wrong answer. When you get those feelings to question your actions it’s usually the first sign. When you just know in the pit of your stomach that it is indeed a bad idea but you ignore the feelings, well this is no longer listening to your intuition. 


Intuition is Calling to your attention using feelings, emotions, and senses to tell you NO, STOP take another look or even maybe just to delay you from doing something to keep you safe. This all happens for lack of a better word “Divine timing”. It might just not be the right timing or the right opportunity or the right people knowing there are higher powers working for us for our higher good. The universe is always trying to keep you safe and to help you make the right choices. The universe doesn’t want you to suffer. The universe has your back and is looking out for you even though sometimes it feels like the opposite. We are all here to learn and be tested or how boring would this journey be? We end up choosing to suffer on our own by not listening to our intuition and our guides of our highest power. The universe wants the highest of good for you and your life BUT you must tap in and listen. You are always protected and looked after BUT you must listen, and you must take the hints the universe is giving you been the very subtle ones. It’s up to you to choose to listen and take the answers. We are always quick to judge or to second guess the universe and all it has to offer instead of having gratitude taking its gifts.


Somewhere, at some time we stopped listening to this voice or gift most people thought it was just an old wise tale or story or believed you must be a psychic or witch to have these answers and knowledge, this is untrue. You have the gift and have had it all along you just have turned it off. SOOO it’s time to reactivate it, the law of attraction and gratitude are very true just like intuition, you get what you believe, and you receive what you think. Once you start to pay attention to the universe and its guidance, I promise things will get easier for you and your life. The answers are always there waiting for you to take them, but you must be listening and open to receiving.