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Mom & Dad Guilt



I write this blog because I once too found myself lost as a parent longing for something that I felt I was missing in my life. It took me a while to pinpoint what It was. I am here to educate you and get your mind thinking of what it is you also might need to complete your life as a parent.


As soon as we have children, we instantly pick up this idea that our needs come second. Suddenly, the most important thing is everyone else. One day you wake up and think when the last time was, I did something for me? What is my purpose and what is it that matters to me? You might begin to feel regret or resentment and wonder what’s next. You may question what your purpose is outside of your children.


Once becoming a parent, we decide we are too busy for self-care, or for hobbies or things that light us up. We are so laser-focused on our children’s recreational activities we delete our social calendar and keep running around with our heads chopped off just to make sure our children thrive. But what about us?


We all have this Inherent ability to take care of others so well and to know what others need. Do you know what you need to be happy and loved and to feel safe and protected? I find many of the clients I work with have never thought about these questions until I ask them, nor do they have the answers upon questioning. As parents somewhere along the line we just know we must keep them happy and safe, and our needs will come later. But when?


We keep our children safe, but we forget about our inner child.

Our inner 5-year child also needs to feel safe and protected.

Our inner child who just wants to be heard.

Our inner child who just wanted to be held tight and told it’s going to be okay.

Our inner child doesn’t want to be responsible for anything other than childhood.


When we take the time to forgive ourselves for the past and permit ourselves to do the things we always dreamed of. That’s when we truly start living a happy life. Most parents don’t realize why they are so miserable or tired and why they feel like a “mombie”. Well, if your cup isn’t full and you’re not working towards your passions and goals you lose yourself and therefore slowly start to decay.


We pick up this thing called “Mom or DAD Guilt” and we never put it down. Maybe this guilt is from your unhealed childhood or perhaps from how you started parenting but whatever the case it’s in the past and it’s time to put it down. Some are lucky enough to obtain this knowledge and awareness to make a shift, but most find out too late. When they are hurting and depressed by the outcomes of their choices. Some moms or dads may even think that this guilt helps them but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t your life is failing because of this guilt. No guilt ever helped anyone, it’s time to let that belief and story go.


Hypnotherapy allowed me to let go of my traumas and triggers. It showed me how to realize the things I was carrying were not mine at all. Most of it was all about how I was raised or how I started parenting in the beginning. After I was able to put down the guilt so I could live my life without feeling so responsible and guilty. This created freedom I let go of control. By allowing thistle to happen I felt happy and able to choose myself. When you are happy and healed a better parent.


Through my healing, I have learned how to help parents heal and forgive themselves so they could also live the life they deserve. But you do need to be ready, you need to be ready to put down the guilt and control. This will allow you to heal and move through things that have been put on you at an early age. Letting go of the fact you are not enough or not deserving.


Hypnotherapy helps you go back and heal that inner child showing them what they so badly needed. Through inner child work, you can forgive and let go and show that little person the love and compassion they desired and deserve. When you are healed and not carrying around all that baggage of hurt and guilt you can let go of the past and work on the future. When you’re not hurting and suffering you can be more present and happy. Not only has Hypnotherapy allowed me to heal my inner child and put down my guilt but it has allowed me to help teach Moms and dads how to get clear on what their hurt was and allow them to let go of it.


Hypnotherapy allows us to let go of the old and invite the new. I’m here to tell you it’s ok and you matter too. You are enough and you can be happy and still be a good parent. Everyone needs purpose and passion or what would life is for. It’s important to raise our kids with love and support but don’t give up your life in me time. You don’t need to give up your purpose and passions. You can be happy and guilt-free and raise your kids without giving up your life at the same time. When you are happy as a parent you can listen to your kids and be present.


When you’re unhappy you’re not being the best example are you?

A happy and healed parent is the best parent. We need to start making sure our cup is full, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Teaching our kids to be happy and to fulfill their passion in life is so empowering. When our kids see us doing things that make us happy it encourages them and teaches them.


Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to release old stories and affirm new positive ones. Hypnotherapy can allow you to do so many things. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool. I am holding a space for you to come and release and let go of this parent guilt or anything else that’s no longer serving you!


You can live a happier and more fulfilling life letting go of unnecessary guilt and old traumas. Your kids are fine and growing and now it’s time to think about you and what you want in your life. Hypnotherapy can help you put down this guilt and live a happier, more fulfilled life to achieve success.